Avid Media Composer 8.9.1

Now Available: Media Composer and Media Composer | First 8.9.1 Media Composer 8.9.1 was released on Thursday, August 24th at 12 PM EDT. This update was made available from Avid Master Accounts, Application Manager, and the Avid Download Center (login and password required).Media Composer | First 8.9.1 was also released at the same time, and is available from Avid Master Accounts and Application Manager. Media Composer 8.9 includes a number of new features, including: • Mac OS 10.12.6 Support: This release supports Mac OS 10.12.6 • XAVC-S Support: The Avid Generic Plug-in now natively supports Sony XAVC-S (mp4) media for linking and playing • Improved H.264 Performance: H.265 (.mov and .mp4) files will now link using the Avid Generic Plug-in. This means users can expect a ~2x performance improvement over previous releases (Avid’s test results show an increase in stream count by 2x). (Note that variable frame rate media will continue to use the QuickTime plug-in for this release.) • Effect Parameter Extension: The X and Y parameters for some effects have had their values extended to -3000 to +3000. These effects are Picture-in-Picture (position), 3D Warp (Axis – including Z – and Target) and Resize (Position.) • Enable/Disable Media Management for Linked Clips: A new Link setting allows users to disable media management for linked (previously referred to as AMA) clipsMedia Composer 8.9.1 includes a number of bug fixes as well, including:• You might have experienced dropped frames when playing back linked Alexa ProRes 4444XQ media. This has been fixed. • You might have received “Access violation” errors during playback of Multicam sequences if Play length Toggle was enabled.• In some instances ProRes 422 media was not linking.• You might have received an AvidOpFrameGenerator error when using the Source Browser. • In some instances, you might have received an “ADM_PLAY_NOT_ARMED” error if Desktop Play Delay was enabled. • In some instances, an Alpha matte clip would match frame to the wrong clip.• If you exported as an AAF a portion of a sequence with “Use Marks” and “Use Selected tracks” selected, the Pro Tools Import Session Data start timecode was incorrect. • When your locale was set to German, Spanish, or Italian, a number of Media Composer dialog boxes displayed cut off text. Avid continues to make improvements when displaying these languages so the text is displayed properly. • The color eyedropper was not accurate when working with the 3D Warp effect. • In some instances, you might have received an “Assertion failed: acomp == NULL acomp->isTransition” error when performing a trim .• You might have received “Assertion Failed: mOutputCompression” errors when consolidating AVC High 4:2:2 Intra media. • If you were working with a Japanese OS, some clips could not be checked out of Interplay.Media Composer | First 8.9.1 includes a number of features and bug fixes, including: • Logout of Social Media: With this release, when you are using the Publish feature, once you have logged into your selected social media, the login button in the Publish window will then change to a Logout button allowing you to logout of your social media account from the Publish window.How to Obtain Media Composer 8.9.1 The latest update to Media Composer was made available Thursday, August 24th at 12 PM EDT. Customers who have already installed the latest version of Media Composer were notified of the availability of the upgrade via the Application Manager. The Apps tab also provides a link to download and install the update when desired. New customers who purchase Media Composer received the 8.9.1 update in their Avid Master Account.Customers on current Upgrade & Support plans can download the Media Composer 8.9.1 update either from their Avid Master Account or the Avid Download Center (login and password required.) Customers not on a current Upgrade & Support contract must purchase either a new Media Composer Subscription or Perpetual license to receive this update. Reminder: This release of Media Composer requires an active Upgrade & Support plan. Please ensure your customers’ plans and licenses are both up to date before installing this update.More InformationMore information can be found in the Media Composer 8.9.1 ReadMe and the Media Composer | First 8.9 ReadMe.If you have any questions, please contact your Avid Partner Account Manager.

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