Avid Media Composer: Buying Vs. Leasing

Buying Vs. Leasing

With the recent news that Avid will NOT test or qualify Catalina for use with older Media Composer versions, those who are on the fence waiting to reinstate their perpetual license, should get going NOW.

Avid does plan to support Catalina sometime in January 2020 so those on current Media Composer perpetual licenses at that time - will be able to utilize this new OS.

Media Composer Reinstatement with 1-yr Support Plan is only for a limited time (expires December 31, 2019).

For just $599.00 (USD), customers can reinstate their Update & Support plan and get access to the latest version of Media Composer for a year and all the new features. This is available for all existing perpetual licenses of Media Composer v5.x or higher licenses NOT currently on a plan (excluding EDU). Includes 12 months of software updates and Standard Support and there are NO restrictions on when your previous plan expired. Plan will be applied to existing perpetual license (dongle or software license).

Our own Videoguy Gary Bettan goes on to add:

Actually you have three different options, each with its own benefits.

- 1) You can re-instate for $599 this year, then pay annual support for $399 per year after that. You stay with exactly what you have, but get the latest version
- 2) You can crossgrade to the Avid Media Composer Ultimate Subscription for $299 for the next 2 years, then it reverts back to the standard $399 price. This gives you Symphony, ScriptSync and Phrase Find. It also supports Nexis shared storage.
- 3) You can just go with a Media Composer Standard Subscription. Same great MC software, but without the extra software in Ultimate. MS Standard does not support Nexis shared storage.

One last note: Several times a year Avid offers discount on subscriptions. At times as high as 20% off. So your annual costs can be quite a bit lower.
Here is a graph I put together as part of our Avid reinstatement webinar I did with Avid's own Michael Krulik

Gary Bettan (President of Videoguys)

Watch the full webinar here!

Learn more about Avid here!

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