Avid Media Composer Perpetual Price Increase 8/31/2021

As the video editing industry shifts from perpetual licenses to business and subscription models, Avid has made some changes to their Perpetual Licensing plan. Effective August 30th, Avid Media Composer’s Perpetual License is set to increase from 25-33% for new licenses. Upgrade and Support Plan renewals will also increase ranges from 11-25%, depending on the level of support.

"Please know that Avid understands the impact and implication of price increases and this is not a decision we take lightly or without significant analysis and thought.  The price increase for Perpetual Licenses ranges from 25-33% for new licenses depending on the type of license.  For Upgrade & Support Plan renewals, the increase ranges from 11-25%, depending on the level of support.  As an alternative, there are incentives for you to cross-grade from your current perpetual license to subscription, like lower pricing and additional functionality. We would highly recommend that you look at those options as you consider your next renewal."

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Reason for the Price Change?

Avid is making the price change based on the shift to more subscription based options and offerings.  This price better aligns with the direction of the market and industry.  This decision has been made after significant analysis.  

When does the Price Adjustment Take Effect?

The price adjustment will take effect on August 30th, 2021. 

Why is Avid Increasing Media Composer Perpetual License Pricing at this Point in Time?

"From time to time Avid re-evaluates our cost of doing business and market conditions and may choose to increase or decrease prices to optimize our business.  We continue delivering comprehensive feature releases for Media Composer as well as maintaining at least one if not two prior major software versions."

Will Avid still offer Perpetual and Subscription Offering for Media Composer?

Avid will continue to offer both perpetual and subscription pricing.  However, they will continue to prefer the subscription based pricing model, as this is the direction of the industry.  

If my support contract expires after August 30th, 2021, can it be renewed beforehand at the older price?

Yes.  You can upgrade the support plan to your perpetual license before August 30th, 2021 at the previous price.  

Will the educational pricing change?

No, the educational price will remain the same. 

Check out this chart from Avid's online store to learn more about this price adjustment:

Learn more about Avid HERE.

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