Avid Media Composer: Redesigned modern UI with new features and more performance

This years Avid connect event kicked off with the company unveiling Media Composer 2019. This latest upgrade is a total re imagining of the Avid Media Composer NLE that users know, designed to inspire a new level of creative story telling.

The new Media Composer has a modern look and more processing power to handle today's variety of media formats. The variety of new tools are designed to help users work faster and smarter.

Redesigned UI and a new user experience

The goal of Media Composer 2019 was to create an intuitive NLE that was easy to use and approachable with a clean and modern look. The media composer team has done away with a lot of the previous versions clutter and distractions, leaving a much more streamlined work space.

Clean, modern design with a new look

This is Media Composer like you’ve never seen it before. Every window, menu and panel has been carefully rethought and reimagined to be more beautiful, more intuitive and more inspirational for your creativity. We’ve added new light and dark skins for any operating system, support for high DPI monitors, and added an expanded 32-color palette for labeling and organizing clips in your timeline. The new Media Composer 2019 will look amazing on any screen.

Kate Ketcham, Product Manager at Avid Technology

TaskOriented Work Spaces

Media composer comes with a cast of tools only one click away. From color to audio to effects, everything in the toolbox is visible, nothing is hidden or difficult to locate.

Simplify the complexity with a new panel interface

Say goodbye to floating windows- covering content and tools. Media Composer 2019 features a paneled UI with customaizable panes that are resized automatically with the programs other panels. Panes can be easily rearranged and altered according to user preferences.

Find media faster with new bin mapping and navigation

Media composers Bin Map will show users which bin section they're viewing, avoiding getting lost upon a bin filling up. Also included is adaptive bin frames to automatically prevent clip names from overlapping.

Finish & Deliver

Production companies and individual users will find that Media Composer 2019 is built to meet deadlines. The new 32 bit color pipeline allows editors to work in high-res HDR formats for the entireity of a project. While exporting external color grading and finishing applications was once time consuming and expensive, but media composers higher speed and flexibility helps cut down both cost and time.

Next-Gen Avid Media Engine

Media Composer 2019 is a fast and robust editing software, as this is essential to speed and efficiency. The Avid team has implemented several next generation features to their latest software such as background rendering/transcoding as well as live timelines and edit playbacks.

Media Composer Enterprise

Avid Media Composer | Enterprise is the newest edition to the Media Composer family. Enterprise is designed to help users adapt all of media composer's capabilities to different roles in the production process.

Enterprise was build to help facilities to reduce overhead and minimize mistakes. It also helps new users limit tools to avoid becoming overwhelmed and making the learning process much more straight forward.

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