Avid Media Composer Still relevant and Leading After All These Years

Spoiler alert, this is definitely an article that loves Media Composer. It's a tried and true NLE software, not without a learning curve, but in the end it delivers and offers so many beneficial resources for editors. Don't miss our SPECIAL BUNDLE's available only until 5/31/18. Bundles combine Media Composer 1-Year Subscription or Media Composer | Ultimate 1-Year Subscription bundled with a portable, rugged 1TB SSD drive from G-Technology. Details here. From RedShark News

It was one of the original NLEs and it has industry support like no other. Avid's Media Composer is still a world leading editing system. Mark Andrew Job takes a look at its legacy, and how it has remained relevant in today's ever-changing media landscape

What has 29 years of innovation, 1 OSCAR, 3 Emmys, and thousands of independent filmmakers, television editors, and American Cinema Editors (ACE), as its users? There can only be one answer - Avid Technology's Media Composer has matured into a top industry editing application, which can scale up or down depending on the size of production requirements.

A Cross-Platform Application

Media Composer will work equally well on both macOS or Windows PCs. In my honest opinion as an end user, the convenience of being able to employ the exact same application on different computers running two completely different operating systems has many practical advantages. Many freelance independent filmmakers, like myself, don't just need to edit a production, then hand off the completed sequence to another department or facility for delivery – they require to perform an in-house delivery of the completed movie through a finishing process in what is often a multi-format and multi-media combination. The challenge in meeting this varied requirement is often having to switch between what may be a favourite third-party DVD authoring solution, which only works in a Windows environment, then via a network send another copy of the same edited sequence to a web encoding, or digital compositing application, which is set up on a Mac computer platform...read more

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