Avid Media Composer Tips to Speed Up Your Editing


Scott Simmons' recent ProVideoCoalition blog post explores strategies for improving the efficiency of Avid Media Composer, a widely used video editing software. This blog post aims to provide valuable insights and practical tips for editors seeking to enhance their editing experience while optimizing their workflow within Avid Media Composer.

Understanding the Need for Speed in Avid Media Composer

In this insightful article, Scott Simmons delves into the intricacies of accelerating the editing process within Avid Media Composer. Many video editors often perceive Avid as a slower and less intuitive platform compared to its competitors. This post addresses the various factors contributing to this perception, including limited keyboard mapping options, a lack of native Apple Silicon support, and the challenges of outdated hardware and software versions.

Unlocking Efficiency with Keyboard Shortcuts

One of the key takeaways from this article is the power of keyboard shortcuts. Scott emphasizes the role of these shortcuts in saving time and improving the overall editing experience. A standout tip in the blog post is the "Restore Default Patch" command, which allows editors to reset source patching setups for audio clips to a default state. What's even more appealing is the suggestion to customize keyboard shortcuts for this command, making the process even more efficient.

Managing Audio Elements with Precision

Scott goes on to discuss the intricacies of managing audio within Avid Media Composer. He highlights a little-known but highly valuable shortcut (COMMAND + OPTION + K/L) that allows editors to manually scale audio waveforms for better visualization. Additionally, he provides insights into enabling waveforms and adjusting audio levels, reducing the need for menu navigation through mapping commands to keyboard shortcuts via the Command Palette.

Enhancing Timeline Management

Efficient timeline management is fundamental to video editing, and Scott provides a solution by suggesting timeline zoom keys be mapped to F11 and F12. This customization eliminates the need for complex modifier key combinations and streamlines the workflow. He also reminds readers of the COMMAND (CTRL on PC) K and L shortcut for scaling track heights, enabling editors to optimize their timeline view.

Streamlined Media Viewing

Avid's media viewing features receive attention in the article. Scott introduces a convenient one-key solution for loading and playing source media in the Source monitor. By utilizing the "Clip > Loop Selected Clips" command, editors can reduce reliance on the mouse, particularly useful for music and selects sequences.


In conclusion, Scott Simmons' blog post offers a comprehensive exploration of techniques and tips for expediting the editing process within Avid Media Composer. It addresses pain points and provides practical solutions for editors looking to overcome the software's perceived limitations. By following these tips, editors can embrace Avid Media Composer with confidence, saving time and enhancing their editing experience. These insights offer a valuable resource for those seeking to optimize their video editing workflow within Avid Media Composer.

Read the full article by Scott Simmons for ProVideoCoalition HERE

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