Avid Media Composer Today with AI Tools & Better Than Ever Team Collaboration

In this episode of Videoguys Live, join Gary as he delves into the realm of Avid Media Composer, unraveling the myriad licensing options available and showcasing the innovative AI tools like PhraseFind and ScriptSync. Get a firsthand look at how these tools can elevate your editing experience. Gary also sheds light on Avid Nexis and its role in enhancing team collaboration through shared storage solutions. Whether you're a seasoned editor or a newcomer, this episode offers valuable insights to boost your editing skills and streamline teamwork.

Are you new to​ Avid Media Composer?​
If you do not own an Avid Media Composer license or subscription, need to purchase a new license or subscription for an additional user, or have a license that has expired and cannot be renewed then you can choose from a new subscription or license today.

Videoguys note: If you have a subscription license the renewals are the same price but there are special "REN" products that you will want to purchase to extend your current license term without activating a new license​

By purchasing the correct renewal SKU your Avid activation ID stays the same and your renewal automatically continues from your current expiration date even if you renew a bit early

NEW Media Composer Subscriptions
RENEWAL Media Composer Subscriptions

Get More From Avid Media Composer Ultimate
Included in Media Composer Ultimate:

  • PhraseFind AI Option
    Find the right clips faster than ever with the help of AI
  • ScriptSync AI Option
    Save hours editing by matching your content to your script
  • Symphony Option
    Advanced color grading with precision control

Get more from your Team:

  • Avid Team Plans
    Take the complexity out of managing licenses with Avid Team Plans and manage your team from a single admin console
  • Avid NEXIS Storage Solutions for Collaborative Teams
    Shared Storage solutions are perfect for teams of 3 or more Avid editors starting with the Avid Nexis PRO

Avid Editor - Avid Continues to Emphasize Subscriptions

If you already own a Perpetual license you can renew... or switch to subscription & save...
This license means you bought and own the software and if you keep an active Support Plan then you can continue to update it as new features are released. If you have Media Composer Perpetual License with an active support plan you can renew that for updates or Crossgrade now to a subscription license.


- This renewal is for your Avid Perpetual license and will give you a year of Avid Standard Support that includes all updates

- You may purchase this renewal at any time, activate it in your Avid account and it will add a year to your current expiration

- Please activate your redemption code within 7 days of purchase to avoid any confusion in the Avid system

Media Composer PhraseFind AI Option

  • Work faster and easier with new features​
  • Find the right clips fast​
  • Experience seamless integration​
  • Speed up your workflow​
  • Work in different languages​

Media Composer ScriptSync AI Option

  • Work faster and easier with new features
  • Save hours of time
  • Sync and edit text
  • Find the best takes fast
  • Work in different languages

Check Out "Let's Edit With Media Composer"
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Shared media storage optimized for media workflows

  • Enable everyone across your video, audio, design, social media, and marketing teams to collaborate more effectively
  • Eliminate the time wasted searching for and copying media 
  • Capitalize on new opportunities with all your media always within easy reach for rediscovery, repurposing, and reuse

The Ultimate Real-time Collaborative Shared Storage Solution

  • Perfect for small prost-production groups, house of worship, government, corporate & media education environments
  • Connect your team, share media and sequences, and work together on the same projects in real time

Enterprise F Series

  • Avid NEXIS | F2—For small- to mid-size organizations, this 10/25GbE HDD engine provides up to 480 MB/s of bandwidth and 60–140 TB of storage per media pack
  • Avid NEXIS | F2X—This new expansion unit for F2 provides an additional 60, 100, or 140 TB of storage capacity, plus up to two hot spare drives; the bundle of F2 and F2X can be used to expand existing E4 engines, including mirror configurations
  • Avid NEXIS | F5—For large-scale production, this high-density 25/50GbE HDD engine offers the greatest scalability, up to 3.2 GB/s of total bandwidth, and 240 TB–1.12 PB of storage per engine 
  • Avid NEXIS | F5 NL—For nearline and archive, this ultra-high-density 10GbE HDD engine offers integrated media management, proxy archive, and 640 TB–1.28 PB of redundant storage per engine

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