Avid Media Composer Tutorial Advanced - Sapphire Builder Tool Pt. 1

by Kevin McAuliffe Media Composer editors are at a very exciting time for visual effects in their timelines. With the acquisition of GenArts by Boris FX, one plug-in company is poised to revolutionize the way we do effects work in Media Composer from effects to tracking to Roto and Finishing. One thing that Media Composer editor were upset with was when Avid DS went the way of the Dodo, we lost the much sought after Node Based compositing in our editing timelines. Well, fear not, much like with many tasks these days, a third party has stepped in to fill that huge gap, AND bring node based compositing back to the editors, and I’m speaking of GenArts, and the S_Effect/Builder Tool. This awesome effect will let you create complex looks right inside your Media Composer timeline, and looking forward to lesson two, I’m going to show you how to build a complex look, quickly and easily! Enjoy!

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