Avid Media Composer v5 Export to CineForm MOV

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With Avid’s support of third-party QuickTime codecs in Media Composer 5, more and more filmmakers are choosing CineForm as their online and master codec. The question has come up of how to render CineForm MOVs out of MC5, and here’s a quick tutorial to answer that!

1. File->Export

2. Select “Send to QT Movie” in the Export Setting dropdown at the
bottom of the export window.

3. Select an output location and input output file name.

4. Click “Options” to the right of the Export Setting dropdown

In the “Options” window:

- Export As: “QuickTime Movie”
- Width x Height: match your source or input desired scale size
- Select “601/709? if you have NOT selected “Enable 4:4:4 encoding”. If
you have, select “RGB”
- Display Aspect Ratio: “Native Dimensions” if you are not scaling,
desired output if you are.

5. Click “Format Options…”


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