Avid MediaCentral delivers Unprecedented Workflow Speed and Productivity

Avid has been working non stop when trying to create solutions to help optimize production workflows. Check out this great information from Pam Gill on Avid's MediaCentral. mediacentral Media producers face increasing operational and economic pressure to meet the growing consumer demand for content delivered to any device any time anywhere. This insatiable demand has created the largest disruption the industry has ever seen in terms of how content is delivered and monetized. As eyeballs move to mobile platforms, advertisers are following, creating economic pressure for traditional broadcasters as they wrestle with how to address these challenges. To help media organizations thrive in this media-hungry world, Avid has been working diligently to deliver solutions to help optimize production workflows, facilitate team collaboration regardless of physical location, and keep teams focused on creating and delivering more high-quality content across multiple platforms with fewer resources. We introduced a groundbreaking media workflow platform, Avid MediaCentral, to give newsrooms, post facilities, and creative teams of all sizes the power to create and deliver more content in shorter timeframes. MediaCentral features a revolutionary cloud-based, HTML5 user experience that works on any device, workflow modules and apps for editorial, production, news, graphics, and asset management, and a wide array of media services and partner connectors. Every team member is connected in a completely integrated workflow environment and gains a unified view into all their media—no matter where it’s located—on premise, in a private data center, or via the public cloud. The completely redesigned MediaCentral | Cloud UX user experience is easy-to-use, task-oriented, and highly-responsive. It’s available to everyone connected to the platform including from any mobile device, no matter where they are. Team members can easily collaborate and stay productive regardless of their location. Click here to read the full article on Avid Blogs

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