Avid MediaCentral | Editorial Management: Collaboration, workflow, and project management solution for Teams

Avid MediaCentral|Editorial Management is an exciting workflow and project management solution from Avid. Media Central is built specifically to compliment the new Avid Media Composer creative tool set.

Editorial Management is built top streamline the post production process. It allows Media Composer users to edit efficiently while eliminating some of the busy work that goes along with editing. With Editorial Managements new tool set, producers, story editors production supervisors and assistants to contribute to a project by accessing it remotely.

At an affordable price, Editorial Management easily accommodates small creative teams ranging from two contributors to twenty five. Users can edit projects anytime, anywhere from their VPN.

Serving the Entire Post Production Team

As most post professionals will agree, the industry’s adoption of file-based workflows has been a double-edged sword. No doubt, file-based workflows are more flexible and often faster than film or tape-based methods. But these workflows also introduce new complexities to the process, and in some cases, the non-tactile nature of files makes our jobs harder. It truly requires a team effort to get through post production in a timely manner. Thankfully, new tools are at last emerging to smooth out some of the wrinkles that file-based workflows introduced.

Matthew Schneider, Avidblogs.com

In the past a production studio would require multiple editing rooms with multiple Media Composer systems. Avid has recognized this. Editorial Management provides access to the same project anywhere on one network.

Benefits by Role

Production assistant:

Production assistants can now easily organize and prep media efficiently.

Story editor:

Story editors can now quickly search for content and media to build a projects narrative.

Post-production supervisor:

Post- production supervisors can now monitor each part of the process remotely and easily.


Producers can locate content with Editorial Mangements built in tools to review the edits at all stages of a projects post production life.

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