Avid MediaCentral | Editorial Management for improved Post Production workflows

Here's a great article for Avid editors looking to better manage their footage. MediaCentral is one of Avid's largest engineering projects and is evolving to serve your needs as post production workflows grow. From Avidblogs.com

media central avid....So, a very big challenge for today’s editor is that, with so much more media, it just takes longer and longer to find stuff. ‘Asset management’ is a dry and uninspiring term, especially in such a creative environment, but it’s essential in today’s post production workflows, not just because it manages media and available capacity, but because it acts as your own in-house search engine for your content.

Media Composer has a long-established reputation for rock-solid media management, but the asset management systems that grew up around it were invariably more suited to broadcast production than post. For larger facilities, the investment in retraining staff to learn a new navigation tool was viable, but for smaller post houses, who typically hire a lot of freelance talent, the benefits of enterprise MAMs were often undercut by the cost and effort to onboard talent.

The development of the much more open and integrated MediaCentral platform, has given Avid the opportunity to develop a module that is much more in step with the needs of modern post production. That module is called MediaCentral | Editorial Management, and what is unique about it is that it’s built around a concept that is VERY familiar to editors – shared projects and bins....read more

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