Avid NEXIS | PRO Collaborative Workflow Part 1: Adobe Premiere Pro

Avid has a new tutorial series all about collaborative workflow and using the NEXIS | PRO shared storage device. If you are an Adobe Premiere Pro editor and you are looking to get started with shared storage and greater collaboration capability, you'll want to get in on this series. Videoguys has amazing Avid NEXIS | PRO team bundles if you are a studio looking to set up shared storage and more in a great package. Check the team bundles here - they are a great value!
This first episode will show you how to integrate Adobe Premiere Pro into a collaborative workflow with Avid NEXIS | PRO and axle Starter asset management software. Together, these tools offer real-time collaboration to help you and your team work together better and faster...[continue reading on Avidblogs]

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