Avid Nexis Pro and Final Cut Pro X - Collaborative Workflow w Axel

Editors groan about the fact that only one user can access a given Apple FCP-X library at a time. This makes collaboration a challenge. But in this video tutorial, you’ll learn how to integrate Final Cut Pro into an efficient team workflow with Avid NEXIS | PRO in just a few steps. avid nexis pro Avid NEXIS | PRO is our software-enabled storage that helps production teams work faster together—regardless of what media-editing software they use.
This was an experiment, but it highlights that Apple are very close to enabling a collaborative workflow between Final Cut Pro X users. I'm no programmer, but having proved the concept can work with the existing version of FCPX, surely an 'Event publish and subscribe' feature wouldn't be too hard to engineer for an update. Avid has true collaborative workflow with bin locking, as we all know that's expensive and the company has rocky financials. Premeire's Media Browser browsing of projects is clumsy and won't update once imported. Their Team Projects is in beta and (no surprise) requires more monthly fees. DaVinci Resolve's project sharing requires a server to move databases, but it does look promising. Apple have a huge opportunity here to jump ahead of the competition. With no configuration and no remote databases to set up and maintain, this could become the killer feature for Final Cut Pro X. Imagine an assistant editor loading up an event with new logged footage. Or maybe (in my case) watching a growing file having marked ranges added by a logger. Or, as ChronoSync supports remote copying over the internet, waking up to find your FCPX Library populated with all the clips now sorted, rejected and favourited. Very interesting times, over to you Apple.

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