Avid NEXIS | PRO turbo-charges your DaVinci Resolve color grading workflow

Take a closer look at the collaborative workflow between DaVinci Resolve Studio using Avid NEXIS | PRO shared storage. Collaborative color grading like never before When juggling countless editing, color correction, finishing, and delivery tasks, collaboration is key to meeting increasingly tight deadlines. DaVinci Resolve’s* powerful shared database feature makes working on multiple grading projects a cinch. That’s why DaVinci Resolve users are turning to Avid NEXIS | PRO intelligent storage to give them the real-time collaboration, fuss-free file sharing, and competitive edge they need to succeed. You’ll never have a better opportunity to get your hands on insane bandwidth speed—up to 2.4 GB/sec—at such an unprecedented price. Team up DaVinci Resolve with Avid NEXIS | PRO, and you can…
  • Get the most out of DaVinci Resolve’s shared database functionality
  • Seamlessly play back multiple streams of Ultra HD and 4K
  • Unite and empower your creative team to complete projects faster together
  • Accelerate your entire DaVinci Resolve workflow with unrivaled media performance
  • Share projects and assets with up to 24 editors—no matter what tools you use
  • Find footage fast with virtualizable storage and radically simple media management
  • Scale capacity, bandwidth, and workspaces to adapt to ever-changing needs
  • Protect your media—and reputation—with industry-proven security and reliability
"[Avid]…the gold standard for shared storage." PROVIDEO COALITION

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