Avid offers Media Composer as software-only package

Government Video by Chuck Gloman The software-only edition of Media Composer can do some amazing things, but you'll need a fast computer system to realize its potential. Avid Technology's Media Composer 2.5 is the new, software-only configuration of the Media Composer product family. It's the first time Avid has made the software available separate from its Adrenaline hardware. Available for PC and Mac platforms, once the software is loaded and the dongle inserted, your computer becomes a hardcore editing machine with little left to the imagination. Avid also offers Xpress DV and Xpress Pro NLE software solutions, but neither has the power (or requires the power) of Media Composer. The bundle I received from Avid lists for $4,995. Called the Avid Studio Toolkit, it includes Avid DVD by Sonic, Avid FX, and Avid 3D, and is clearly designed to compete with Adobe's various production bundles. (Avid Studio Toolkit is only available for PCs.) As a professor at a university, I'm able to get bundle at a substantial discount, which basically makes it a steal. read more...

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