Avid Online Training: Avid ISIS1000 Shared Storage for Small Teams

Screen Shot 11-23-15 at 01.17 PMWith the introduction of ISIS1000 Avid has brought the gold standard of video shared storage - Avid ISIS - to small workgroups, teams and facilitities. Avid will be launching an online video based training course to help you not only set up, but administer and maintain your Avid ISIS 1000. Learn how your facility can move from several editors working on Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premeire and/or Apple FCPX, each with their own attached storage, to an Avid ISIS1000 shared storage solution. you can learn more about the couse here: ISIS | 1000 System Administration
Avid Blogs by Bryan Castle

BC: Let’s start with the product. For those unfamiliar with ISIS | 1000, what’s so great about it?

CR: For starters, ISIS | 1000 is designed for smaller facilities than we’ve covered before — small shops that are using local storage only. ISIS | 1000 is much less expensive than the other ISIS systems. We’re talking under $20K vs $50K+. It gives them a chance to finally move off “sneaker nets” and onto network storage.

Technically speaking, we’ve done some neat things. We’ve boosted the speed of the system. It has solid-state boot drives, so you lose the inherent risks in spinning disk drives. Plus, we are using a Linux server for the engine, the “brains” of the system, which all makes it a very fast, very reliable system.

ISIS | 1000 also has much-improved support for Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. We’ve worked directly and Apple and Adobe, so [these applications] actually work better on ISIS | 1000 than on any other shared storage out there.

BC: You’re also launching a new ISIS | 1000 System Administration course, right?

CR: That’s right. Unlike our larger systems, we don’t expect ISIS | 1000 customers to have a full time support staff. The system itself is so inexpensive, it’s a stretch to think they’ll invest in our full-length (Avid Certified Support Representative) certification classes. So, this class is essentially for the users themselves, and if they have a support staff, for them too. It’s super inclusive. read more...

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