Avid S1 Review

The Avid S1 is an eight input fader with mixing control and a touch screen interface. The unit looks simple and straight forward, but it is also incredibly capable and powerful.

The Avid S1 is based on the S6 mixing desk, released several years ago. The system has been slimmed down significantly at half the width and eight faders to work with.  

Like the S3, the S1 uses the EuCon protocol for communication, a stable Ethernet-connected system that provides more bandwidth than MIDI-based controllers such as HUI and thus much more control. To give you an idea of how important the EuCon system is to the workings of the S1: you have to get to page 22 of the S1 manual before you get an overview of the product’s physical surface. Prior to this, the manual’s focus is resolutely on setting up the connection between the S1 and the EuControl app, and providing an understanding of how EuCon governs the S1’s functions and interaction with other control surfaces.




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