Avid ScriptSync in Six Easy Steps

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Steve Audette, ACE in Video Editing describes his ScriptSync technique that he uses for documentaries as well as other interview based programming.

For those maybe unfamiliar with (or those just getting started with) Avid Media Composer ScriptSync functions, I thought I would share my Six Step Process for Bulletproof ScriptSync. I first developed these steps as a hand-out for my two-day NAB seminar in documentary storytelling. But now that my regular edit schedule pretty much cuts out NAB, I thought I would share these via the Avid Blogs.

In this post, I will describe my ScriptSync technique for Documentary and other interview based programing. Then with the help of Hillary Wills (@ChillyKillary), we will outline the Hollywood technique that Michael Phillips (now at 24p.com) had originally designed the program for. I really hope you find these techniques useful in your work.

For those who never heard of this Avid feature, ScriptSync phonetically indexes all text and audible dialog in your project automatically and then syncs each source clip to its associated line in a text script. Once synced, you can quickly locate all relevant soundbites in seconds based on a scene number, page number, or word or phrase search. Click here for full article.

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