Avid Stereoscopic 3D Editing Guide: Take 2D to the 3D level. Learn how to edit in the 3rd dimension


Interest in stereo 3D storytelling has been rekindled over the past couple years. Always responsive to industry needs, Avid is leading the way “back to the future” by bringing editorial solutions to your stereoscopic 3D workflows. Helping to meet the many challenges inherent in the creation of 3D content, Avid provides features that enable you to view edits directly in stereo 3D without having to leave the edit suite.

Now, Avid has the technology you need to significantly enhance the viewing experience of a whole new generation of movie audiences.

The new stereoscopic features in Media Composer have improved our dailies workflow. In the past, we had to export an EDL, run it through stereoscopic conform software and then compare that output with the cut in the Avid. We have been able to streamline that process and, instead, just press play.

Trevor Cable
Lead Media Engineer,

Key 3D Features

Support for multiple formats. Create dailies easily by transcoding stereo 3D files to Avid DNxHD with Avid MetaFuze for an efficient and dependable workflow. MetaFuze 2.0 supports RED ONE R3D, DPX, and QuickTime.

Stereo 3D editorial with Media Composer. No need for specialized 3D editorial tools. Use the editor certified for technical excellence by ACE: Media Composer.

HD offline. Avid DNxHD delivers the highest quality HD for offline editorial, offering both efficient storage usage and highest quality picture.

Stereo 3D monitoring. Edit in 2D. Preview and output the cut in 3D, allowing the editor and director to check the cut in the editing room without having to outsource cut approval.

Third party finishing. Create the story on Avid Media Composer and finish with the solution of your choice. Avid’s extensive metadata management for stereoscopic 3D projects ensures key metadata is always avaiable for downstream processes.

Click here to view Stereo3D reference guideStereoscopic 3D Editing & Finishing Whitepaper
A step-by-step guide for the development of stereoscopic 3D with Avid post production solutions. [pdf, 1.2 MB]

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