Avid Storage Manager talks ISIS 1000

isi1000Ed Harper, Avid's storage manager, already posted a great article to the Avid Blog talking about how the newly announced Avid ISIS 1000 will help grow your business. In fact, it can help Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro editors as well as Avid editors.
Creative teams of all sizes have many of the same demands as our larger customers, including where to store the ever-increasing quantity of media while sharing media without having to connect and disconnect local drives or copy media to multiple systems. ISIS and its predecessor Unity solved these needs many years ago; now we’re making these capabilities available to everyone. Not only have we scaled the storage to meet the needs of smaller teams, we’ve also scaled the price to meet everyone’s budget. We’ve also worked long and hard with our partners to support the leading creative tools in the industry including Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Apple Final Cut Pro along with Avid’s own Media Composer and Pro Tools.
Click here to read Ed Harper's complete blog post Click here to reserve your Avid ISIS 1000 from Videoguys.com

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