Avid Symphony Color Correction Tutorial

Finding fast ways to improve your editing can not only save you time but also save your production money. Avid Media Composer Symphony Color Correction is an incredible time-saver on it's own, but with this quick tutorial it's even more powerful. For any production, there will always be a section of the post-production schedule dedicated to just color correction. Tutorials like these will help that time go quicker and improve productions at any level.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

Professionally correct color and master projects faster with the Media Composer | Symphony Option. This add-on option for Media Composer subscriptions and perpetual licenses, and included with Media Composer | Ultimate, expands your editorial palette with a host of creative tools.

Stylize shots, set a mood, or correct color with advanced color correction tools. And master projects in the highest quality possible, with delivery to multiple formats from a single master source.


Full color grading Get the look you want with advanced, secondary, and relational color tools, plus NaturalMatch.

  • Powerful mastering

    Take your offline online and directly export high-resolution masters.

  • Precision control

    Fine-tune shots with animatable color correction, plus support for 4:4:4 HD-RGB processing.

  • Universal Mastering

    Get real-time format and frame-rate conversion on output and playback by adding Avid Artist | DNxIQ to your workflow.

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