Avid Unveils their New Media Composer 2019

Avid has announced it's latest version of Media Composer- and the NLE has been completely 'redesigned and reimagined'. Avid has assured users that the new Media Composer 2019 is here to satisfy longstanding users while still attracting new ones.

Media Composer is an industry favorite, however new user bases tend to be using alternatives such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro X, ETC. This is likely due to the learning curve required to operate many of the NLE's previous versions.

My very own problem with Avid was (and still is) the steep learning curve. You really have to devote a serious amount of time to learn the thing, master the shortcuts, get your head around the numerous oddities Media Composer has to offer. My hope –and it seems that Avid is in the same boat here– is that Media Composer 2019 will take the pain out of that learning process. Granted, you have to know your tool in order to get creative with it but Avid really demands a lot.

Olaf von Voss in cinema5d's article on Avid Media Composer 2019

New Interface

The biggest change to the newest version of Media Composer is the new user interface. Media Composer 2019's paneled interface creates a more streamlined, intuitive work space.

New Media Engine

Media Composer also features the new Avid Media Engine, to ensure that the program operates smoothly and stably. The new Media engine includes support for MFX OP1a (Material Exchange Operational Pattern 1a), and a new feature called distributed processing- which will streamline project workloads. However, a dedicated plug in will be required to use distributed processing- which will be available in late spring. This new feature means no more waiting on CPU and GPU tasks, processing will be shared across multiple machines over the network.

The Newest Media Composer also includes 16K resolution. The program features a 32-bit full float color pipeline with HDR and ACES workflows.

The application can also handle the full post production process- logging, editing, effects, color, audio finishing- without ever leaving Media Composer.

Role-Based Toolsets

Avid Media Compser 2019 can also be configured to display only the tools necessary to a specific user. With the Media Composer Enterprise Edition, security to lock down content, will help reduce the chances of leaks concerning sensitive content.

Pricing and Availability

Media Composer 2019 will be available at the end of May- replacing all current offerings. All three existing versions of the app (Media Composer First, Media Composer and Media Composer Ultimate), and there will be a new Media Composer Enterprise edition. Pricing has not yet been made public.

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