Bad Robot, Modern Family, and More—Watch these Avid Webinars


One of the best ways to gain new perspectives on editing is to learn from the pros. In case you missed the live webcasts, we’ve got the latest webinars available on demand:

Secrets from Inside Bad Robot

J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot has become one of Hollywood’s hottest production companies in a relatively short time. From TV hits (Revolution, Person of Interest, LOST) to blockbuster films (Mission Impossible—Ghost Protocol, Super 8, Star Trek), the award-winning company is known for creating compelling, thought-provoking stories.

How do they do it?

Join host Matt Feury, pro video marketing manager at Avid, and the editorial, audio, and VFX teams at Bad Robot for a discussion on the innovative workflows the teams created to help them commandeer the story and action at warp speed for the upcoming movie, Star Trek into Darkness.

  • See how concurrent collaboration enables the teams to create more inspired content faster
  • Hear how the editors create full 5.1 temp audio mixes in Media Composer while they cut
  • Gain insight into J.J.’s workflow and the special elements that he himself creates
  • Take a peek at their unique workflow, featuring Media Composer, Pro Tools, and ISIS
  • Get your questions answered by the Bad Robot team in a live Q&A

Cutting Laughs with Modern Family

Comedy is about timing. As an editor, pacing performances and cutting at the most opportune moments can hone the hilarity even further—if you know what to look for.

Join the editing team behind the hit TV sitcom Modern Family—editor Ryan Case and assistant editor Shaheed Qaasim—and host Matt Feury (Avid pro video marketing manager) for a discussion on what it takes to keep America laughing each week.

  • Hear how Media Composer® and ScriptSync® help organize the beats of the story and find the best performances
  • Gain insight into how trimming an edit can make something funny (or not)
  • Get your questions answered by Ryan and Shaheed at the end of the presentation

The Avengers—The Editing Team Speaks

Meet The Avengers team—editor Jeff Ford, assistant editors Robin Buday and Matt Schmidt—and hear how they helped create one of the most successful films of all time with the help of Media Composer®, Pro Tools®, and Avid® shared storage.

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