Basic PTZ Camera Control Options for Live Productions

On Today's Videoguys Live, Jim gives an introduction to all of the basic options available to control your PTZ Cameras for your live productions.

Watch the full video below:

Control Options
  • IR Remote​
  • Serial RS422 control with daisy chain from 1 camera to the next​
  • Visca over IP control over Cat6​
  • Control over NDI

IR Remote

  • Used for basic Pan tilt zoom capabilities​
  • Can access camera settings menu​
  • Can set presets​
  • Must use line of sight to the camera​
  • Tech Tip!​ If you're controlling one camera by IR but not another cover the IR receiver of that camera with black electrical tape so it won't receive the signal​

Serial Control

  • Daisy chain cameras directly from controller to camera, and then camera to camera​
  • Power and video would need to come from other ports on the camera​

Serial over IP

  • Serial over IP uses different protocols such as Visca, Pelco-P and Pelco-D​
  • Can use a network switch to connect cameras and controller to same network​
  • Tech Tip 1:​ Separate AV cable required. SDI is better than HDMI as it is capable of longer runs and has a locking connector​
  • Tech Tip 2:​ Upgrade to a POE switch to provide power to the cameras over the same cable as control​


  • NDI stands for Network Design Interface ​
  • NDI allows everything on the same network to communicate to each other. ​
  • Camera -> network switch -> switching software​
  • This can provide power, control and video all over one cat 5/6 ethernet cable​
  • There are multiple forms of NDI – Full NDI and NDI l HX​

NDI - 1 Cable to Do it All

  • Audio & Video
  • POE Power
  • PTZ Control

NDI Converters Upgrade Any PTZ Camera - Kiloview U40 Encoder

  • U40 supports PTZ control thus it is able to control the PTZ camera through the serial port (232/485, etc.) or network.​

NETGEAR M4250 Series Network Switches Built for NDI

​How to Set Presets with BirdDog Controller
1: select your camera​
2: position camera where you want​
3: select number on keypad​
4: hold preset for 3 seconds​
To call preset​
1: press number on keypad of desired preset​
2: press "call"

Some Controllers Can Do Both Serial and IP Control at the Same Time

Today, We Talked About:

Other Controllers to Look At:

For More Advanced Control:

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