BCC Chroma Keying Workflow in Avid Media Composer

Light WrapAvid Community by Johnla

Achieving a convincing chroma key composite is more than just slapping in a background and keying a foreground. It requires the use of integration techniques to marry the image elements together to give the impression they were shot with the same camera at the same time. This five-part tutorial demonstrates how to build a chroma key composite using Boris Continuum Complete (BCC) AVX plug-ins inside Avid Media Composer. Compositing tips will be shared and you will see just how easy it is to nest and pass a matte to multiple BCC effects in your segment. The end result will be a seamless composite.

Filters covered:

• BCC Chroma Key
• BCC Matte Choker
• BCC HSL (Hue-Saturation-Lightness)
• BCC Lightwrap

Click here to watch the videos to play the tutorial. A full text transcription is included below each video.

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