BirdDog Cam Control is Here

BirdDog recently announced the release of their new Camera Control interface and app for their line of PTZ Cameras- and it's free!

BirdDog CamControl works with all BirdDog Cameras and gives the user new access to color and shading controls. Most impressive- it offer the user the ability to color correct in seconds- yes, seconds.

“We used the new BirdDog Cam Control software and I was blown away! Within seconds I was able to remotely color match all BirdDog P200 cameras on the network across both studios to ensure a consistent look and image performance.”

Sean Frazer, Amber Technology

Cam Control Features:

Copy Settings Between Cameras

If you have multiple BirdDog PTZ Cameras hooked to the same network, CamControl gives you amazing flexibility. CamControl will detect all PTZ cameras on your network and allow you to share your settings with all of them.

Full Screen Confidence Monitor

After lining up your BirdDog Cameras, a simple right click will turn CamControl into a full screen confidence monitor for your workflow.

Direct Text Entry

Direct control of your cameras is quick and easy. While CamControl features a slider bard for control, it also allows for exact numerical values to hop to where you need to be, quickly.

Save and Recall Pre-Sets

Any decent PTZ Camera control interface will feature presets for your cameras. This feature will allow you to save yourself some time, and have your favorite camera positions available at the press of a button.

Click here to check out BirdDog's full page on CamControl.

Learn more about BirdDog HERE

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