BirdDog NDI Cameras & Tools are Improving Sports Production

When the pandemic began in March, sports production changed worldwide, leaving a landscape where the old way of doing things would no longer cut it. Broadcasters had to find new ways to create their product, with limited crews and an increase in streaming.

BirdDog's PTZ Cameras have proven to be a valuable tool in bringing these broadcasts together, with the power of NDI. recently created a great article detailing how BirdDog PTZ Cameras can be incorporated into a great sports production workflow.  In it, Eamon Drew, BirdDog's Co-Founder, commented about the role BirdDog has found in sports production with the power of NDI. 

"We were the first company to do NDI in a chip that we put inside all of our products, like converters and cameras, and then we have software applications to tie it all together.  We were all in on NDI and more recently we have added Dante audio to the arsenal as well, so we have a whole bunch of Dante workflows now.”

-Eamon Drew, BirdDog

Along with full NDI, BirdDog also offers a host of 4K PTZ Cameras and converters, perfect for crisp broadcasting of live sports.  In addition, their BirdDog Cloud Platform, allowing for better communication and sharing between teams who are spread out. 

Check out this article from to learn more. 

Learn more about BirdDog HERE.



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