BirdDog P200, PTZ Keyboard, and Mini Success Story

MW Productions in Germany does a wide variety of live events. When MW Productions' streams became bigger they needed an all-in-one solution that wasn't going to break the bank. BirdDog was the answer. Markus Werner of MW Productions says how his BirdDog P200 PTZ Cameras, the PTZ Keyboard and the BirdDog Mini changed his streaming workflow substainably. 

Check out his success story and how he used BirdDog's products to save money and time. 

MW Productions used the following BirdDog Equipment

P200 PTZ Cameras
PTZ Keyboard controller
Mini NDI Encoders and Decoders

"Markus Werner from MW Production in Germany talks us through how using P200 and PTZ Keyboard, teamed up with his DSLR cameras with BirdDog Mini Encoders, has helped him up his livestream game while saving money through less cabling, less crew, and less time setting up."


Check out the BirdDog success story here!

Learn more about BirdDog here!

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