Bluefish444 Create & Epoch 2K Video Cards with Thunderbolt

Bluefish444 Create & Epoch 2K Video Cards Receive Compatibility Certification With Sonnet’s Extended Range Of Thunderbolt™ PCIE Expansion Chassis

(South Melbourne, Australia--July 30, 2013) Bluefish444 manufacturer of the industry’s highest-quality uncompressed 4K/2K/HD/SD SDI video cards, announced the certification of its Epoch 2K and Create video cards with Sonnet Technologies Inc.’s full length family of PCIe Thunderbolt™ Expansion Chassis.

Bluefish444’s entire range of Epoch 2K and Create uncompressed 2K/HD/SD SDI I/O video cards have been successfully tested and qualified by Sonnet as Thunderbolt™ compatible when run with the Bluefish444 8.7.0 driver for Mac OSX 10.8.

The Sonnet Echo Express Pro, Echo Express III-D, Echo Express III-R and xMac Mini Server are all qualified with Bluefish444 Epoch | 2K and Create video cards for uncompressed 2K/HD/SD SDI capture, preview and mastering of digital content.

The Thunderbolt™ port on the range of Sonnet PCIe expansion chassis provides external PCIe device support for laptops and personal computers such as the Mac book Pro, iMac and Mac Mini and upcoming Mac Pro that do not otherwise provide slots to support PCIe cards. The second Thunderbolt ™ port on the range of Sonnet PCIe expansion chassis allows daisy chaining to other Thunderbolt enabled devices.

“Bluefish444 intends to provide our Mac OS X customers with the widest range of SDI I/O workflows available. Thunderbolt™ connectivity is a means to enable a flexible and portable solution for digital content creation utilizing all of our major features such as 2K, hardware scaling and 12 bit SDI I/O,” said Craige Mott, Managing Director, Bluefish444. “Sonnet, with its range of Thunderbolt ™ expansion chassis, makes this workflow possible for Bluefish444 customers.”

“Sonnet welcomes the compatibility of Bluefish444’s high quality SDI I/O PCIe video cards with
our family of full length PCIe expansion chassis. Sonnet customers will be able to access studio quality 2K SDI I/O via their laptops and personal computers through our collaboration”, said Greg LaPorte, VP Sales and Marketing, Sonnet Technologies. “Together with Bluefish444 we bring a high quality SDI digital content creation workflow to portable video artists”.

The Bluefish444 8.7.0 driver for Mac OSX 10.8 supporting the Thunderbolt ™ protocol and compatible with Sonnet expansion chassis is immediately available for Epoch and Create customers from the Bluefish444 homepage free of charge.

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