Bob Zelin on NAB2016 - Everything is Obsolete!

title_banner (17)Bob Zelin is back from NAB and he's posted this article on Creative COW. It may come as surprise to some of you, but not to many, that he's telling us that everything we won is obsolete - before we even bought it! So without further delay here's Bob Zelin on NAB2016: his look at the latest I/O technology, Shared storage solutions, Studio cameras, IP Video and Thunderbolt 3.
Creative Cow by Bob Zelin NAB 2016 Oh my God – all this amazing new equipment, and here I am, stuck in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, looking at disk drives! Is this show business? The problem with the show, and will continue being a problem, is that technology moves very fast now. By the time NAB rolls around in Las Vegas, everything you own is obsolete. Except this year, all these companies were showing products that were based on computers that don't even exist yet! So it's obsolete even before the products come out! My big problem, and the big problem with this review, is that I could not cover all the booths, so it is unfair to manufacturers that make wonderful equipment that I simply did not have time to see or write about. The show is so big, and let's face it – NAB is no longer a video show, at least in the South Hall. it's a high end computer show, with all the IT based products that blow the doors off of what existed in the past – and all at a fraction of the price of the "old days." THUNDERBOLT 3 Yes, there was Thunderbolt 3 everywhere. So much Thunderbolt 3, it was almost a joke. Intel was showing Thunderbolt 3, and the assorted companies that were tying into Thunderbolt 3. You thought that Thunderbolt 2 was fast? Naaah! That was so last week ago. Thunderbolt 3 is FAST – so fast, that doing 6K and 8K video is nothing for this technology. Other World Computing was showing Thunderbolt 3 docks that adapt to everything, like display port, 1G Ethernet, Firewire 800, and USB 4. AKiTio also showed Thunderbolt 3 drive docks, and a complete Thunderbolt 3 server with PCIe slots in it. read more...

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