Budget Video Editing Showdown: VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum vs Pinnacle Studio

This is a fantastic comparison of two budget friendly, entry-level video editing software choices. Spoiler alert - the reviewer prefers VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum. At just under $80 bucks, Movie Studio Platinum is not a huge investment and will get you started on your creations! From Beebom.com

It’s a good time to be a video editor as not only there are tons of job opportunities for video editors out there but also the cost of becoming a video editor has been on a constant decline over the years. No longer you are required to invest hundreds of dollars into what were considered to be good video editing programs as now you can get very capable video editing programs for prices well within the hundred dollar mark. When I think of a true budget video editing software, there are two that instantly come to the mind. The first is the VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum while the other one is the Pinnacle Studio.

While both of them are good, we wanted to see which one of the two is the true champion budget video editing software. That’s why we tested both of them on the same hardware and using same video editing conditions to see which one rose to the top. This article is the result of that battle. So, if you are someone who is interested in video editing and looking for the best budget video editing software out there, check out this article where we pit VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum and the Pinnacle Studio against each other to see which one is the best....READ MORE

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