Canon H.264 Avid Media Composer AMA offline/online workflow

Vimeo by Richard Bently

Hi everyone,

Here's a technique I use to work offline and then online with my Canon H.264 files with Avid Media Composer 5.5

Starting at DNXHD36 and upconverting the sequence only to DNXHD175.


Better Mac/PC performance
Saves you space (space costs right?)
Speeds you up in the edit

There are other ways, of course to work with the AMA files - you may transcode them all to a high DNXHD or 1:1 if you like, but this will fill your drives FAST, especially if you shot a lot of footage!

You can also edit directly with the AMA files (make sure you're in best performance on your timeline - double yellow) and then transcode just the sequence to say DNXHD 175.

See what works best for you...

Thanks for watching and enjoy your filmmaking!

Watch the Video on Vimeo

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