Canopus DV Storm 2 Pro Ultra $999.95

That is not a misprint folks! You can now get this tremendous NLE solution for under $1,000!! The new Canopus drivers are certified by Adobe and optimized for Premiere Pro 1.5. The Ultra Bundle includes the DV Storm 2 Pro hardware with real-time analog, DV and component output, Storm Bay, Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, Encore DVD 1.5, Audition 1.5 and Canopus Edius 2.5. Canopus now includes the full version of Canopus Edius 2.5 with all DV Storm versions. Edius is written by Canopus to take full advantage of the DV Storm hardware. As a result, it can unlock features and performance and power that other NLE applications can’t. Only Canopus gives you a choice of 2 top-notch NLE applications to use, with 3 different DV Storm bundles to choose from. Click here for more DV Storm info or to order

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