Canopus Launches EDIUS Pro 3

eMedia By Stephen F. Nathans - Posted Jan 1, 2005 Edius 3When we talk about the leading software NLEs for videographers, we're generally speaking of five products (alphabetically): Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Xpress DV, Pinnacle Liquid Edition, and Sony Pictures Vegas. Just outside that circle are Ulead MediaStudio Pro, which is faster and cheaper than the rest and more usable than most, but arguably not quite as feature-rich; and Canopus EDIUS Pro, which, in its first 2.5 versions, one might say, failed to make its intentions clear. Canopus announced EDIUS Pro 3 on December 1, and demo'd the product at DV Expo West in Los Angeles the following week. Significantly, the announcement was somewhat buried under a related announcement: EDIUS NX for HDV, a $1,299 HW/SW HDV import and editing solution. EDIUS 3 is the software itself, released on its own with the full-step upgrade the name suggests. read more...

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