CES2018: The Vuze - a New 4K VR 360 Live Broadcasting Camera | Videomaker.com

360 video makers check this new 4K VR camera out from maker Humaneyes. It's the Vuze+ announced at CES 2018. You might be interested to know the Samsung 360 Round made Videoguys Top Products of 2017. It's a breakthrough camera for 360 content. Find out more about it in this video clip from our Top Products webinar. From Videomaker

vuze 360 cameraKnown for their prosumer 360 camera, Humaneyes has unveiled the next generation of their Vuze VR 360 camera, the Vuze+. The $1,199 Vuze+ camera is, in Humaneyes’ own words, “the first camera to give VR content creators, filmmakers, and video and production industry pros the full suite of tools needs for capturing, producing and sharing VR content.”

...the Vuze+'s live broadcasting capabilities should allow you to live preview your shots while you’re shooting and also broadcast live 3D 360 4K video to places like Facebook, YouTube and Periscope. These Live broadcasting capabilities can also be added to the original Vuze camera for $199 if your interested in going that route. ...[continue reading]

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