Check out the new VR Immersive Video effects in After Effects and Premiere Pro CC 2018

Things just got easier for Adobe editors interested in creating immersive content. Premiere Pro CC now has 360-video and VR immersive effects with a range of style and utilities. Premium Beat shows examples in their article and highlights the new features in the video below: From PremiumBeat ...The two most popular Immersive Video effects will almost certainly be the VR Rotate Sphere effect and the VR Plane to Sphere effect. The VR Rotate Sphere effect allows you to seamlessly reorient your equirectangular 360 footage. It is also perfect for leveling your 360 footage horizon line. You can use the VR Plane to Sphere effect to add text, logos, and any 2D layer into your 360 video, ensuring that the layer will look correct in VR...[continue reading]

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