Check Out the LaCie Rugged SSD Family of Fast, Portable Storage

One of the biggest announcements in the storage space this year, was LaCie's new Rugged SSD Family. These are portable drives, with water resistance and extreme durability.

Perfect for an outdoor shoot, the Rugged SSD can be thrown in a backpack, tossed or even dropped in water in come cases.

The LaCie Rugged Drive Family Includes:

  • Rugged SSD Pro (IP67, Waterproof, Thunderbolt 2800 MB/s)
  • Rugged SSD (IP67, Waterproof, USB-C 950 MB/s)
  • Rugged RAID Shuttle (8TB RAID0 Stripe or 4TB RAID1 Mirror)
  • Rugged Boss SSD (Auto ingest - no computer needed!)

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Check out the video on YouTube HERE

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