Check out the New Avid Media Composer interface

Hi everyone. I know you're curious about the new Media Composer being released soon. Many of you saw it has a new "paneled" user interface, a new color palette and other features. Obviously everyone's worried how thoughtful it will be towards their needs. What will this new design do to projects? To workflows? Can those colors be muted?!? (Haha.)

Not to worry. Hopefully this video will put a lot of your worries to ease. Recently at NAB'19, I got the opportunity to record a fun, "fact or fiction" style interview with the head Product Designer for MC.
In addition, I'm lucky to be part of the many professional editors out there who are on the BETA testing team. We are pro editors volunteering for this, while we're working on docs, on network TV shows, on commercials, on news, on Netflix deliveries… Avid has certainly reached out to a diverse group. I can tell you the process is great. For months, we've been getting new versions to test constantly. Sometimes weekly or less. We report back what seems to be working and what isn't. Then Avid's whole MC team of engineers and app designers review the feedback and triage the issue(s). We get the next version to test, and so on. Each new BETA version has been better and better. Frankly I've been amazed how quickly everything is able to be implemented.

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