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In a recent article posted by Broadcast Beat, they discuss all the technology they will be using to produce their live show, NAB Show LIVE. It's impressive to see the combination of cutting-edge technologies that will be used to make the live Remote Production broadcast of the 2023 NAB Show LIVE possible. Connecting events on the show floor in Las Vegas with a central control room 2,500 miles away is a significant technical feat that will require a sophisticated IT infrastructure and a highly skilled team of professionals.

It's fascinating to hear about the unique approach that will be taken to produce this year's NAB Show LIVE broadcast. The use of mobile crews and portable ENG units equipped with LiveU technology will enable the team to capture live camera feeds from throughout the venue, providing viewers with a more immersive and dynamic viewing experience.

The LiveU LU600 and LU800 units are both powerful and versatile solutions for live video transmission. These units are designed to enable broadcasters to transmit high-quality video feeds from remote locations, using cellular and other IP networks to connect to a central control room.

By using six LU600-equipped mobile crews and two LU800 portable ENG units, the NAB Show LIVE team will be able to capture live camera feeds from a wide range of locations throughout the venue. This will allow them to provide viewers with a more diverse and engaging experience, showcasing the many different activities and events taking place at the show.

"Our coverage of NAB Show will cover every aspect of the event, from the various pavilions to interviews with notable figures attending the show. Using advanced bonded cellular and IP technology, we will be totally mobile and live from anywhere in Las Vegas.” -Ryan Salazar, Founder of Broadcast Beat and Executive Producer of NAB Show LIVE

It's impressive to see the range of LiveU technologies being used to support the NAB Show LIVE broadcast, from the LiveU LU600 backpack units to the LU800 production field units. These devices are designed to enable high-quality live video transmission, even in challenging environments like the Las Vegas Convention Center.

One key aspect of the LiveU system is the use of bonded cellular technology, which enables the LU600 and LU800 units to combine multiple cellular networks to ensure a reliable and robust connection. This is particularly important in crowded environments like the NAB Show, where traditional cellular networks may struggle to provide adequate coverage.

The use of SMPTE 2110 Bonded Video Decoders at Broadcast Beat Studios is another important aspect of the LiveU system, as it ensures that all the signals are compliant with this important industry standard. This enables the team to achieve high-quality, low-latency video transmission, even when using cellular and other IP networks.

Overall, it's clear that the LiveU technology being used for the NAB Show LIVE broadcast is designed to deliver reliable, high-quality live video feeds from a range of locations throughout the venue. The combination of bonded cellular technology, advanced video codecs, and powerful hardware like the LU600 and LU800 units is sure to impress viewers and demonstrate the power of modern television technology.

It's interesting to hear that the NAB Show LIVE broadcast will be switched on NewTek's TriCaster 2 Elite production platform, which is known for its sophisticated capabilities and advanced features. This powerful system is designed to handle a wide range of inputs, including video, audio, graphics, and automation, and is capable of routing and streaming productions to multiple platforms.

One of the key benefits of the TriCaster 2 Elite is its ability to handle multiple inputs and sources, which is essential for a complex live production like the NAB Show LIVE broadcast. This platform can support up to 32 HD video inputs, 8 4K inputs, and up to 48 simultaneous video output channels, providing the flexibility and scalability needed to handle a variety of production scenarios.

In addition to its advanced video processing capabilities, the TriCaster 2 Elite also includes powerful audio mixing and processing features, as well as integrated graphics and animation tools. This allows producers to create dynamic, visually compelling productions with a high degree of creative control.

Overall, the use of the TriCaster 2 Elite production platform for the NAB Show LIVE broadcast is a testament to the platform's advanced capabilities and its ability to handle complex live productions. With its support for multiple inputs, advanced video and audio processing, and integrated graphics tools, the TriCaster 2 Elite is sure to be a key component of the NAB Show LIVE production workflow.

“NAB Show Live will be seen by the biggest broadcasters in the world, so we are honored to be the chosen live production platform to run the show with TriCaster 2 Elite. The year’s NAB Show promises to be bigger than ever and on the Vizrt booth (Booth W2821.), we are looking forward demonstrating how the TriCaster systems meet the demands of every kind of production. It is essential for visual storytellers to possess professional quality tools to draw viewers into their story, and we are going to show exactly how to do that – with the most powerful live production system on the planet.” – Chris Black, Global Head of Brand and Content at Vizrt Group.

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