Check out this new batch of Avid Media Composer Tutorials from Ben Hershleder

Ben Hershleder is one of the top Avid tutorial, trainers and writers in the world. His "Avid Media Composer Cookbook" is a must have resourse for Avid editors. It's loaded with tons of tips, tricks and straightforward explanations. In this video Ben covers some great features. Avid Media Composer Tutorial -- August 2015 -- Best if watched enlarged --- A variety of features are demonstrated while creating a custom transition effect that will be saved and used multiple times within the same project. A sound effect is added. Then, the transition effect and the sound effect are saved together so that in the future they can be edited quickly into a Sequence in just one edit. working-like-a-dog-v2 TOPICS: - Sync Point Edit - Subsequencing - Collapsing - Keyframing - Numeric Entry for navigation, and trimming - Whatever comes up along the way to get the job done. Software used for this tutorial: Avid Media Composer version 8.3.1 Many tips, tricks, and straightforward explanations: The Avid Media Composer Cookbook "An investment that will pay for itself many times over in decreased frustration and increased time for creativity." 435 pages packed with Avid Media Composer editing essentials and far beyond, including tips, tricks, and explanations not found in other publications. Its "cookbook" (step-by-step), task-based approach (plus the three appendices) will help users at all experience levels gain a deeper, more thorough understanding of the software so they can spend less time dealing with technical and operational issues and instead focus on being creative.

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