Choosing & Optimizing your GPU for Adobe Premiere CC 2015

Adobe-NVidia (1)One of, if not the, most important component in your digital video editing workstation is the GPU - especially if you are an Adobe Premiere editor. If you do not have the right GPU, you will be unable to take full advantage of the Adobe Mercury Playback engine. Without Mercury Playback you will find it frustrating and almost impossible to edit highly compressed HD and 4K formats. This is an updated article that will help you make the right GPU decisions.
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Video Cards for Adobe Premiere CC 2015, CC 2015.2 and CC 2015.3

NOTE: This article is for users of Adobe Premiere CC 2015. There some special notes in this article for those who are running the Premiere CC version 2015.3 as it is no longer supporting older video cards. This article is for NVidia video cards. I don't cover the AMD video cards with this article. Also, this article is written primarily for Windows users. However, the majority of the information will still apply to a MAC user. If you are running an earlier version of Adobe Premiere, please read this article on Video Cards for Adobe Premiere CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC, CC 2014. When Adobe came out with Adobe Premiere CS5, Adobe added the Mercury Playback Engine (MPE) so Premiere could use the GPU on an NVidia video card to accelerate playback, effects and rendering. With the earlier versions of Adobe Premiere, you needed to update a file called cuda_supported_cards.txt in order for most video card to be used with the Mercury Playback Engine. However, with Adobe Premiere CC 2015, this is no longer necessary. Originally, Adobe only “certified” a few video cards from NVIDIA to work with the Mercury Playback Engine and these video cards were in the file cuda_supported_cards.txt. Since Adobe Premiere CC 2015 allows all video cards to work, there is no longer a cuda_supported_cards.txt file to worry about. read more...

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