Common Live Streaming Questions Answered! Ask the Videoguys

This week's Videoguys Live webinar is our October Edition of Ask the Videoguys.  Oliver and Adam, our Videoguys production team, are here to answer some of the most frequent questions of the month, with the products they use every day.  

Check out the webinar below.

I bought the AtomX Cast for my Ninja V and need some help getting it started...

We'll start by addressing what exactly the AtomX Cast is.  This device turns your Atomos Ninja V into a production switcher with four HDMI inputs, which is perfect for high quality, multi camera productions.  The AtomX Cast can be purchased for ​$399, and then used with your existing Ninja V.  It can also be bundled with an additional Ninja V at $949.

Its important to note that the AtomX cast must be updated to firmware 10.7.1.  This can be done right on the Atomos website:

Check out our past Ask the Videoguys Webinar, we we discussed how to do a firmware update on your Atomos Ninja V.

What SD Card do you recommend with the Epiphan Pearl?

​There are multiple ways to record with each Epiphan Pearl System.  The Pearl Nano and Pearl Mini both accept SD cards.  We've picked out one SD card we think best suits the needs of the average Pearl User. 

Angelbird AV PRO microSD 128 GB V60 | 1 PACK

  • Max. Read Speed 280 MB/s
  • Max. Write Speed 160 MB/s
  • Min. Read Speed 260 MB/s
  • Min. Write Speed 140 MB/s
  • microSDXC™ | UHS-II | U3 | Class 10 | V60 | A1
  • For RAW up to 6K, 4K+ & Full HD Video/Photo
  • $49.99

Check out this chart detailing the major differences between all three Epiphan Pearl Systems. 

Learn more about the Pearl Systems HERE.

The graphics on your show look a lot cooler, what are you using?

​Our new motion graphics are created using NewBlue Titler Live Complete, which we send to our TriCaster TC1 via the power of NDI.  This allows us to create motion graphics quickly and easily, share social media comments on screen, and even fix typos or add names to lower thirds live!

Learn more about Titler Live Complete Now.

I need a network switch, because I have multiple NDI sources in my studio, do you have a good recommendation?

​We recommend the Netgear AV4250 Network switches, which are designed with NDI in mind, and we use directly in our studio. 

Check out our recent Netgear webinar, below, for more information on these switches. 

Learn more about these Netgear Switches HERE.

What Graphics card do I need for NDI 5?

An NVIDIA Graphics card is essential to handle NDI 5 with its expanded features and power.  We Currently Use an​ NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1650​ on our Studio Machine.

​Check out the webinar on YouTube HERE.

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