Comparing Non-Linear Editing Software

The Nashville Film Guild recently held a debate comparing the most popular non-linear editing software. See what they had to say in the video below.

The Great NLE Debate and DaVinci Resolve

Provideo Coalition blog by Brian Hallett comparing non-linear editing software Which Non-Linear Editing system equals the best was put to a debate by the Nashville Film Guild. Up on stage were representatives of the big three editing systems used by professionals and freelancers nation-wide: Avid, Adobe, and Final Cut X. Yet, one dark horse "candidate" was left off the stage, Blackmagic's DaVinci Resolve. New to mainstream editing DaVinci Resolve has been treated as an outlier, or like a "green party" candidate. They may not be on the main stage, but their ideas and voice definitely have a place in the world. We'll dive into DaVinci Resolve's editing in a minute. First, to the debate. Great NLE Debate frames grabs 15 The Nashville Film Guild took their debate between Adobe CC, Avid Media Composer, and Apple's Final Cut X live to the internet. If you missed the live broadcast you can see a "taped" version below. It is 2+ hours of tech talk, great questions from moderator Scott Simmons and the internet, and, well, debate hopefully giving you a better understanding of your NLE of choice, or, possibly, you're shopping for something better. Then seeing each candidate defend their NLE might turn into a great opportunity to research each.
Now, let's talk about DaVinci Resolve and it's editing features. As a creative I've edited a handful of spots in Resolve. Is it enough to give you a holistic picture into the ins and outs of Resolve editing? Hell no, but my limited experience showed me enough to be hopeful for the future while being realistic about the present. Resolve editing experience falls somewhere between Final Cut X and Adobe Premiere. What I like about Resolve the most is the price. Essentially, it's a free editing platform...[Go to full article ]

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