Computer Video UK reviews Serious Magic Ultra & DV Rack

DV VIDEO MONITORING, PRODUCTION AND EVALUATION TOOLS DV RackSerious Magic DV Rack Nobody wants to lug heavy racks of expensive video equipment into the field. Serious Magic's DV Rack software is designed to replace all of it for a fraction of the price, weight and power consumption. We put it through its paces to see how good it really is. One of the main concerns for TV broadcasters and filmmakers venturing into the field is what equipment to take. Nobody wants the responsibility and burden of carrying heavy and very expensive equipment into, say, a hostile environment such as a war zone - it's just not practical. More... PROFESSIONAL CHROMAKEY AND VIRTUAL-SET SOFTWARE UltraSerious Magic Ultra DV footage and high-quality chromakeying are usually said to be incompatible, so how seriously should we take Serious Magic's claim that its Ultra software produces excellent chromakey effects from DV source video? Our curiosity was roused by Serious Magic's claims that its Ultra software for Windows offers an incredibly easy way to achieve professional chromakey results using DV footage - the more so since we're normally highly dubious of statements that promise ease of use, especially from products with magic in their names. More...

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