Let's Edit with Media Composer - Working with Continuum's Lens Flare 3D

Everyone loves Lens Flares. Just ask JJ Abrams! Now, I know that when many people use Lens Flares, they use what I call the "In Your Face" flare, meaning that it's big, it's positioned predominantly on the screen, and it's bright. But, to be honest, flares don't have to be like that, and in many cases they shouldn't be like that. Many times, subtle flares can make all the different in your shots. Continuum 2020 has one of the best flare effects out there for Media Composer editors, and that is Lens Flare 3D. In this lesson, we're going to take a look at the subtle art of adding Lens Flares to your timelines, and then show you how, with integrated Mocha tracking right inside the effect, you'll be able to attach your flares to any element in your scene.

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