Convergent Design Odyssey7 and Odyssey7Q RAW Monitor & Recorder

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Convergent Design’s new Odyssey7 RAW Monitor & Recorder and Odyssey7Q RAW Monitor & Recorder are aiming to change the way we look at monitor and recording devices. The Odyssey 7 and 7Q also enable the user the ability to purchase or rent codecs they require for their workflow. Whether these are compressed or uncompressed, you now have the flexibility to accommodate your needs per job.

Out-of-the-box, Odyssey7 & Odyssey7Q products are monitors only, without any recording or playback capabilities. Recording options must be purchased (or rented) separately from the Convergent Design website, available 24/7. A wide range of recording options will be available, including compressed, uncompressed and various flavors of RAW. This means you can purchase a full license or rent the appropriate recording options you need and use them whenever you want.

The Odyssey 7Q is capable of Quad Split Monitoring with Live Switching, Display image analysis tools in four separate quadrants, High Speed (240fps) 2K/HD Raw Recording, 2K/HD Raw support for WeissCam, LMP, IndieCam, IO Industries, Simultaneous Raw + Proxy (DNxHD-36) Recording and Four Channel HD/2K Compressed Recording to name a few awesome features.

To record video, Convergent Design 240/480/960 GB SSD(s) must be inserted into the unit. These SSD’s are siad to be competitively priced (TBA in May 2013). Convergent Design is confident that they’ve also priced these two Odyssey monitors very aggressively for the class they’re in with all of the innovative features they offer for the user. Expected release dates are July for the 7 and August for the 7Q of 2013. read more...

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