Cool Folder Icons for Post Production

Screen Shot 03-14-16 at 10.19 AMThank you Sam! These are so cool! Sam's blog is loaded with great FCPX and post production workflow tips, tricks and ideas. 2016 Post Production Folder Icons! Here’s another freebie for you all. Based on my last set of folder icons, I felt they needed updating a little. So here they are… The new 2016 post production icons! Feel free to download them here The folder contains the icons themselves as well as pre-made folders for you to copy and use in your own project templates. If you have a request for an icon, tweet me @SWDoctor and i’ll see what I can do! Feel free to send me pictures of you using them in your workflow, would love to see what you do with them! About Sam Hi! I'm Sam, i'm primarily a video editor and motion graphics artist, along with a director and producer of my own short, independent films. Currently working as a freelance video editor and motion graphics artist, I am working to develop my own business in the near future. This blog is here for me to let loose upon the world my rantings and ravings, will try and post often, but being in the media, free time is usually when you're sleeping or when you're driving to your next job! Hope you all enjoy the content!

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