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Creative Cow by Walter Biscardi

Tuesday was a whirlwind day. Started off early at a breakfast meeting with the top level executives of Avid and ended with the always entertaining Supermeet. Ok, maybe this year's Supermeet was a little more entertaining than most.

Let's start with the morning. For the first time I can truly say that "Avid is listening." I've seen the moniker on their site in the past and I kind of laughed. I mean this is Avid we're talking about. The company that tells us how we can purchase their software and hardware and if we don't like it we can go somewhere else.

Ok, maybe that's how they used to do things, but it was clear from our meeting today, Avid is truly changing the way they do business. It seems to have taken a while for it to really sink in but there is a definite shift in the tone coming from the company. There is a real willingness now to open up the software to third party hardware as we have seen from last year's Matrox reveal to this year's AJA Io Express.

First off, it was impressive to me that not only was I meeting with their PR folks, but the CEO and many of the top management and marketing team. One on one for about 90 minutes and I was free to ask any question. Generally I'm used to having many layers of separation between me and the head of the company that makes my NLE. Of course being a Final Cut Pro guy with a bunch of AJA Kona cards, my primary interest is seeing Avid continue their migration to open up the software to even more hardware options not only from AJA and Matrox, but Blackmagic Design as well. Obviously Avid would not answer me directly on any of the hardware questions, but I get the sense that their migration towards openness will continue at some point in the future. read more...

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