Creative Cloud Is the Silver Lining in Adobe’s Premiere Pro CS6

Editors Guild by Joseph Herman

Since the last issue of CineMontage went to press, Adobe Systems Incorporated has launched its much-heralded new version of the Creative Suite. Creative Suite 6 includes updated versions of all of Adobe’s cross-platform products, including Premiere Pro, After Effects and Adobe Audition (as well as Photoshop, Illustrator and the rest of the applications that form the Master Collection).

In addition, CS6 includes new applications such as SpeedGrade, a fully featured pro color grading application that has resulted from Adobe’s purchase of the notable German company Iridas. CS6 also contains Prelude, a new tool that helps with logging and ingest, which allows you to put in metadata and set markers, create in and out points, and perform rough edits with your footage — all before it hits the editing suite.

In addition, Adobe has announced Creative Cloud, a totally new way that the company plans to distribute its software. Creative Cloud will also act as a hub for creative professionals around the world to share and deliver their work; it will provide integrated website publishing and hosting too. Perhaps most importantly, with a membership to Creative Cloud, users will be able to download and install every Adobe CS6 application (See Figure 1).

Are the days of large software boxes stuffed with manuals and CDs coming to an end? Will this become a common software distribution model that the industry will adopt? Sounds like a good idea to me. read more...

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